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After the payment you will receive a personal login for Marit her VideoBox on SportVid. When you login the Videobox is activated and you can watch the videos immediately

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We can update the Videobox with new content. So when a new video or more info is available, you can watch it right away!

Marit VideoBox

More than 100 minutes video. With Marit explaining all her techniques and showing how it's done! All you need to know about how to properly rig a Laser, what gear to use, maintanance, gym work and of course how to sail the boat fast!

Unique footage

After activation, you will get unlimited access to the Marit Videobox. You can select videos on subject, conditions and more, so you can quickly find the piece of video you are looking for.


“Perfection always, in all ways!”
Marit Bouwmeester

Marit's story

There is a big demand on good coaching and knowledge in sailing. There are several books written by World- and Olympic champions. But as the sport is evolving and changing all the time, also the demand for up to date knowledge is. Both Marit and SportVid believe in the power of watching good footage, to learn and become better in what you want to learn.

On Youtube you can find a lot of videos, but rarely it's a good one with the right footage and comments to make you better. Instead of writing another book, Marit will share her knowledge by Video. With the Marit Bouwmeester Videobox, you can choose between all the techniques, tactics and other tips and tricks of the best Laser Radial sailor in the world. A must have for every (Laser)sailor!

Marit and SportVid