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Our mission is to share knowledge! We coach athletes at the highest level, from youth talents to Olympic champion. We have gathered a lot of knowledge in 20 years of racing, training and coaching. We strongly believe in the power of visualisation and looking at the perfect example. With SportVid we make the knowledge from the best athletes and coaches, available for anyone! We provide organisations and their coaches with instruction videos, training methods and give them structure in year programs.


The Cunningham - and MKII Lasersail

One of the most important trimlines on a laser, the Cunningham. We show you what happens with the sail if you adjust the Cunningham, and what the ideal setting is in all conditions! For the complete trimguide, click here!


Sailing Upwind fast!

Take a look what to look for when sailing a Laser fast upwind. Roelof Bouwmeester shows how it is done and how you can practice it for yourself. Check it out, and pay attention to how wel balanced his boat is...!


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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Latest video series

Marit Bouwmeester videos
Marit Bouwmeester Videobox

oct 2016

A must have video serie for all (Laser)sailors. Olympic gold medalist Marit Bouwmeester, shares all her techniques, tips and tricks with you! In over 100 minutes of video she explains and shows you all the aspects of sailing a Laser.

MK2 Lasersail
MKII - Laser Trimguide video

May 2016

Tacking in a laser! We will show you what the different stages of the tack are and what the best technique is to use. We will learn you how the objective of the tack changes in different wind strengths and sea conditions.

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Access our free video database, find your video and start learning!