MKII Lasersail - the complete trim guide


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The complete guide to trim your Lasersail perfectly in all conditions. We will show you the main differences between the old and the new MK2 sail and how this affects your sail set-up. You will get acces to 30min of video. In the first part we will explain the different trimlines on a laser and show you how these change the shape of your sail. In part 2, we compare the new sail with the old one and teach you how you should trim it.
After your payment you will receive a personal SportVid online account. This account contains the MK2 trimguid videoserie. The footage is available from every location on every device.
The complete guide to how you should set-up your Laser sail!

the perfect sail setup

How to set-up your Lasersail

You will learn how all the different lines affect your sail. Learn how the perfect sail set-up should look like in different conditions and how to achief that.

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The MKII sail - what is new?!

You will learn the differences between the new MK2 sail and the old Laser sail. We will show your how this affects your trim and ideal sail set-up.

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